Arthur, Massachuestts, USA

Date of Post: 2017-01-14

Hettie Nel’s mentor program is simply the best!

I was always taught that in the work environment, when your superiors ask for something, give them more than what they ask for. Myself, as a small business owner, when a customer pays for your product, give them more than what they pay for. I have practiced this my entire life but really have not experienced this when I am the customer.

Well, I can no longer make that statement. I purchased Hettie Nel’s FX Mastery Trading Course. What I received and continue to receive is more than I could have ever imagined. Hettie is a “Master” herself. A true educator. She will lead and guide you on a path for success in trading. All you have to do is listen, follow her instructions and practice. It is that simple and it’s not. As adults we tend to hear but not listen. Understand but not follow. Try but not practice. Hettie is keenly aware of that. Every session you have with Hettie, you will learn more about yourself and Hettie will come to understand you. You are not a client when you subscribe to Hettie. You are in a relationship with Hettie as your mentor who sincerely cares about you and your growth as a trader.

I have been with Hettie since late November 2016. My demo account is positive. Hettie asked that I not trade live until she says I am ready. I thought I was ready. I was making money (demo) every day. When I asked Hettie if she thought I was ready, she said “No”. To my surprise. I asked why. She said; “Yes you are making money but by the type of questions you are asking, tells me you are not ready yet”. She told me to perform a certain type of mental exercise after our session. I did. I found she was right. I wasn’t ready.

Folks, it’s not about Hettie making money. It’s about you being successful. That is her only goal for you. You will witness Hettie’s sincerity, knowledge, educational skills and most importantly her wisdom.

Hettie is a treasure and I consider myself a very fortunate person to have met her.

Wayne, HongKong Central, Hong Kong

Date of Post: 2016-08-12
Review: I made an account in order to post this review, I was THAT impressed with Hettie’s training. I had spent about half a year trying to do my own research and learning regarding forex trading, without much success or consistency. Hettie’s training has focused my understanding and given me strategies that work and suit different trading styles. I had, infact, seen similar strategies before, and had little success. Hettie’s strategies are complete and proven, something that I saw quickly. Hettie also makes a great trainer, clear communication, patient and understanding of your situation. Hettie will do everything to be flexible and make sure you are on the right track. I cannot recommend Hettie’s training highly enough. If you are looking to further your forex trading, look no further.

Nolan Danster, Douglas, South Africa

Date of Post: 2016-06-23
Review: I have completed the FX Mastery Course through Hettie Nel, and can only say thank you to a great teacher, a mentor of the highest standards. From knowing nothing about Forex, I can now confidently say I know how to scalp, swing, day and long term trade. In addition I now also know how to use world news, as well as fundamentals to trade the Forex Market. Hettie is patient and works at your speed, so that you understand every facet of your course. I am now practicing my different trading methods, and will post soon with my progress on the markets. I recommend Hettie’s course to anybody who wants to make a noticeable difference in his/her life. Thank you very much Hettie.

Matt L, Adelaide, Australia

Date of Post: 2016-06-13

I requested Hetties assistance approximately ten months ago after losing $5000 in no time at all… thinking i could take on the forex market with no education or training what so ever.

Hettie is simply an amazing teacher. The set up and substance of her course is of a high quality, but this is a mere fragment of what makes her lessons so worthwile.

Hettie’s easy going nature and genuine desire for her clients success as a currency trader is what i found to be her most endearing attributes.

On top of teaching me her proven strategies, Hettie helped immensely to create a strategy of my own, one that is more suited to my personality and currently busy lifestyle.

I cannot reccommend Hettie’s currency trading course enough.

Thanks again Hettie.


Hiroshi Yamanaka, New Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China

Date of Post: 2015-12-10
Review: I have completed her program just a couple of weeks ago. I have been making very successful trading. Contact the tutor for my successful trading screenshots; you will see what I have made so far.

Ms. Nel, the tutor and founder of One on One Forex Trading, is very kind and patient person who teaches strategies step by step with your pace. She would spend more time and slow down if you need to understand things clearer. Moreover, she is open to questions when you might have. She is available by email and skype communication, and usually responses within couple of hours. And, last but not least, she is encouraging that you will build confidence in trading which is crucial to the industry. She assigns homeworks for what you have leaned, and makes you challenge to show what you have got so far. Therefore, the program really keeps you going forwards with positive mind.

I would like to highly recommend investing to this programm, and you will learn real deal. However, I would say that this program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Even if you complete the program, that does not mean you will get a ticket for a straight path to rich paradice. It takes time and practices, and one has to be humble and patient to be really successful. The buttom line is that she will guide you to the right direction, right door, but it is all up to you to proceed with the ideas offered by this course and use them wisely and correctly.

I simply state what you will and won’t get from this course.

Things you will learn:
1. How to do, not what to do.
2. Attitudes towards trading
3. Technical analysis based various strategies, including day trading, scalping, swing, and position trading.

Things the course does not offer:
1. Get rich scheme
2. Magical bullet strategies
3. Robots or systems that trade for you

If you have any questons, concerns, and comments, please feel free to contact me I will try to answer.

Pierre Marion, Sydney, Australia

Date of Post: 2015-12-07
Review: Few month ago i took 9 step training course with Hettie Nel! I can HIGHLY recommend this course with Hettie, her strategies are spot on ! After practising for a while I am now trading live and making winning trades after winning trades by following the step by step strategy by Hettie, she is a GREAT mentor always there if you need her and sooooo patient. If you are looking for an outstanding course with an outstanding teacher, stop looking!!

Ravi Narasimhan, Hamilton, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2015-05-26
Review: Welcome to the RIGHT DESTINATION of learning and trading forex. The teaching, training and the strategy offered by Hettie Nel are very simple and result oriented. Those results are always positive and I sincerely admire the patience that is possessed by Hettie in teaching forex. I had completed my platinum course at a very affordable cost and consider it worth. I haven’t gone to live trading yet but through Hettie those days are not far away. It is true that forex carries risk but through Hettie Nel’s forex training anyone can become a successful forex trader.
Once again Welcome to the RIGHT DESTINATION.

Jerry Douglas, Texas, USA

Date of Post: 2015-04-27
Review: I found Hettie Nel after many years of VERY medicore trading results. Her instruction proved to be spot-on for laying out a methodology that WORKS. Hettie is the most accomplished and patient instructor in my experience. What I found especially unique in her approach was an equal facility in both technical indicators AND price action. We all know traders and mentors who use EITHER indicators OR heavy reliance on reading price bars. You will find that in any given session with Hettie, she moves easily between indicators and price bars. The transition between the two is seamless and presents a crystal clear picture of market forces at work. Her approach weaves indicators and price action into a very comprehensible view of the market. In short, if you are looking for a holistic approach to trading, conveyed with great humor and keen insights into market nuances, hire this classy lady to teach you how to trade. If you fail to “get it”, abandon your pursuit of trading and get yourself a job in the fast food industry!

Zivile, Sydney, Australia

Date of Post: 2015-04-20
Review: Hettie Nel is a wonderful, calm, very disciplined and positive forex coach. I have finished “FX Mastery” course and currently trading “Scalping” strategy that suits my personality type. So far I have done 25 trades without any profit loss. It is a life changing experience where you will get to know yourself better, become more disciplined and happy person. As Hettie says, forex is not about you and the market; it’s about you and yourself. I highly recommend Hettie Nel course if you are willing to succeed and improve.

Mooks Kiyani, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2015-04-12
Review: I have completed my 9 step training with Hettie and decided to carry on with FX mastery as the results were excellent for me.
I just started my Live Trading account with only $800 and made $5,688 in 3.5 days of trading – I just stick to the discipline and indicators suggested by Hettie.
I recommend Hettie A+++

Bruce Crawford, Kerikeri, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2015-03-09
Review: I took Hetties course on board around November 2014. I spent time trying all the options available within the course. I finally found that the 1hr system with the indicators as per the course suited my style of trading. I set to and demo traded the system until January 2015. In that time I found the winning rate to be high so as of the first of February I went live and on 27th Feb I had done 27 trades and not one loss. I was taking between 10 and 14 pips per trade with a tally of 324 pips. at the end of the month. I did have some losses during Dec and Jan on demo but was very low.The broker I was with at the time got caught up in the Swissy debarkle I was fortunate enough to get all my money back but cant give you the statistics regarding the demo trading numbers. If anyone is looking at purchasing a good system I suggest you contact Hettie.

Jennifer Adams, Lamb Island, Australia

Date of Post: 2014-07-09
Review: What can you say about someone who is the very best teacher that I have ever met. She made both my husband and myself want to learn, in fact she made it fun. As she says she teaches a no frills course. That doesn’t mean that anything is missed out, it just means we didn’t learn things that we didn’t need to know.
She has a knack of knowing when you are not sure, and is more than happy to go over it again and if your still not sure she will repeat it again, all with a smile in her voice.
Training and friendship doesn’t stop with the last lesson, in fact the help , encouragement and friendship just goes on.
In fact I do not believe that you are able to teach yourself trading without advise,and we believe that this course provides us with that.
Our trading is off and running and we are moving forward. Hettie is the best and you won’t find a better teacher.

Chandra Palmer, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2014-05-08
Review: Having recently completed Hettie’s Platinum course I highly recommend her to every technical Forex trader who wants to learn some great new strategies developed by Hettie herself. A fabulous and patient teacher, Hettie is straightforward with her explanations so that anyone can understand. She also goes into the psychology of trading which is as important as the technical analysis of the charts themselves – it was very valuable information for me to find out my trading personality. Thank you Hettie, you are a gem of a teacher!

Alex Kelly, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2014-05-05
Review: i have just finished doing the course with hettie, and i found it waz awsome, hetties knowledge in the forex market waz at a high standard, i waz impressed with the interaction hettie gave, nice to have a laugh while i waz learning something new, i wish i found her earlier, and i recomennd her to anyone that wants to learn, and hettie haz a great passion to teach, thks hettie,

Lynley Wood, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2014-02-19
Review: I have recently completed a one-on-one FX trader course with Hettie via Skype and I am wishing that I’d found her sooner! Any pre-lesson nerves were quickly dismissed once I heard her calm, reassuring voice and the logical manner in which she delivers the lessons. Hettie is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her specialised field of FX trading and the course material and website links provided is of great quality and content. Along with her patience and kindness, Hettie has the natural ability and passion for teaching. She is a very genuine person and has the commitment and desire to see you achieve. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest and discipline to want to succeed as a technical FX trader.

Raymond, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2014-01-09
Review: Let me tell you i was so skeptical, after some careful online research, including contacting her previous students i decided to invest with Hetti and completed her one on one course,, As far as Forex and Forex Educators goes shes the bees knees, In the end I learnt the strategies implemented them and haven’t looked back since. I highly recommend Hetti as a Forex Educator, I will always be very very very grateful.Thank you to Carme too for sitting up with me until the early hours hahaha it took a while but we got there!

Jake , Hobart , Australia

Date of Post: 2013-11-18
Review: I made the best investment of my life in getting Carme (Hetties daughter) to teach me, Carme taught me due to I wanted to start my training immediately & she was available at the time. Both were absolutely amazing to work with & everything was put into simple 2 hour blocks which was extremely easy for me to digest.The two systems they teach are great and ACTUALLY WORK. They have turned me into a barely breaking even trader to a profitable one & I am currently scalping at roughly 75%. The other system (the 9 step) I haven’t yet taken a loss- I have been trading the system for 3 weeks & I expect that I can only get better.I cannot speak highly enough about Hettie & Carme, great people, great system & extremely well priced. You would be absolutely crazy to not invest in this for your own future. I am now able to start planing leaving my day job & chase my dream as a professional race car driver. I cannot thank these guys enough.

Charlotte Kutia, Whakatane, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2013-07-04
Review: As a newcomer to forex, I didnt want to spend months and years wasting time and money, so i invested in Hetties oneononeforextrading. I consider this to be an excellent decision. Hettie’s course is very straightforward and accessible, even if you have very little prior knowledge, or if you have lost money on bad trades. Due to a health issue, i had to take time out from trading, but Hettie was very willing and able to be flexible and resume working with me when i was able. She spent overall much longer with me then the original course promised because i had so many questions and needed a lot of support. Hettie is a very warm, caring and genuine person who has developed a trading system that really works. I would definitely spend the money again for the privilege of learning from this very experienced and successful trader.

Ali Moiny, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2013-01-08
Review: I have gained a lot of knowledge from Hettie’s one-on-one Forex training. All the questions were always patiently handled by Hettie giving me answers which suited my temperament and personality. I class myself as novice as I have been involved with Forex since the past 6 months, but Hettie’s lessons has given me tremendous confidence and has taught me not to make random trades.In all i can just say one-on-one Forex training is worth every penny of the course fee.The trainer is honest,sincere & a real experienced trader, who surely can give you the best advice on Forex trading.The strategy taught in the course is simple but also very unique & effective.Furthermore, the course fee is also very reasonable compared to other Forex tutors.

Stefan, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2012-08-29
Review: For anyone who is frustrated (like I was) with losing money on Forex, or if you would just like to become a better and
a more diciplined trader, I cannot recommend OneOnOneForexTraining (Hettie Nel) enough. I have done my 9 Step Trading System
course with Hettie (via Skype and Teamviewer) over a month ago. Hettie knows Forex, and I think it is very humble of her
to teach others’ a successful trading strategy that has taken many years to trial and develop. Hettie is also a
magnificent and a very patient teacher, always willing to answer and explain general questions about Forex as well as
additional tips which in most cases can only be gained from experience. The 9 Step Trading System that you will be taught
is easy to follow, but what makes this course so good for me is that you will learn how to analyze technical indicators,
price action, fundamentals, trading phsycology etc. All of this information is somehow incorporated into the course without you being
intimidated by it. If you are impatient (like me!) then I would also recommend the Scalping course taught by Hettie to
supplement your trading. I cannot thank Hettie enough!

Deborah Moon, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2012-08-13
Review: I find it hard to put into words the gratitude I have for Hettie !I spent thousands of dollars and almost two years trying to learn how to trade Forex and I thank God I found Hettie before I went entirely broke !Hettie is a patient and empathetic person who I felt right from the start I could trust. She totally understood where I was at and how frustrated and worn down I was by not being able to break through.She shared her awesome system and I began seeing the results in my demo account immediately !!!!Her system is easy to follow and so far I have placed 10 trades and won 9 out of 10 ! You have to be patient ,disciplined and do exactly as the system teaches and you will become successful.In my book Hettie is a champion and I feel so grateful and blessed to have found her….Thank you Hettie and God Bless you and your loved ones.

Tiki Marshall, Toowoomba, Australia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post: 2012-06-08
Review: Thank you Mrs Nel for teaching my partner how to trade forex. I used to be a single mother and struggled to make ends meet. Now my partner is using his knowledge that he got from your One-on-one forex course to make life so much easier. Last year we went to Europe with some of the money that he made on the forex market. He is losing his cowboy way of trading and losing money at a gallop. He follows the One-on-one way and things are looking rosier for the future. Thank you very much.

Tuhin Dev, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Date of Post: 2012-02-06
Review: Like many aspiring Forex traders, I started my Forex journey by reading books and searching the internet for as much information as I could about the subject matter. I picked up the bits and pieces of information that I could easily understand or relate to, and discarded those that seemed complicated or did not appeal to me.
The greatest challenge has been trying to put these bits and pieces of information together in such a way that it made sense, and would allow me to develop a workable strategy that would give me an edge when trading the Forex market. Without an edge, trading the Forex markets is similar to gambling in the Casino.
I first learned about Hettie Nel’s course from an experienced trader who had highly recommended her course to me. After speaking to Hettie, I very quickly realised that this was the course for me for two main reasons. Firstly, the course had a strict set of rules and very clearly defined steps. These ‘steps’ I found to be very useful, as the price action and the indicators in the charts had to meet the criteria of each step in an orderly fashion before you could enter the trade. For me it took out the guess work of whether or not to enter a trade. This helped me to become more disciplined in my trading. Secondly, the more important reason for taking the course is the mentorship of Hettie herself. She is a joy to work with, and during the course her dedication and determination to educate you and see you succeed, is priceless. She always had the time to listen to my concerns and help me overcome them.
For me, the one concern I had about taking the course was that the strategies she was teaching in her course was very different from what I had been learning myself over the past few months. She did offer to work together with me to build a personalised strategy for me. I gave it a lot of thought, and eventually asked her to teach me her method as it was. I am glad that I did that, because it has worked out well for me, and has helped me build up my confidence gradually. Her course has given me the strong foundation I very much needed to have an edge in the Forex market place.
From my personal experience, I am really glad that I have taken her course at this early stage in my Forex journey. And I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about building a good foundation to trade the Forex markets. Along with having an edge, you will need to be disciplined and have good money management in place.
Good luck and all the Very best.

Cleici Nardella, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post: 2012-02-05
Review: At beginning of last year I was desperately looking for some course where I could be coached by someone expert in the subject, FOREX. I am really glad that I have found Hettie, that’s exactly what I needed to move forward. Last year, after taken her one-one forex course I managed to turn my £100 account into £1200, and now I back in class with her for a recycling course for even more improvement.

Peter Caldwell, , New Zealand

Date of Post: 2012-01-17
Review: For the past 2 years Hettie Nel has provided wonderful and supportive traning to me with respect to Forex training. As someone who was completely new to Foreign Exchange, she has been able to take complex information and present it in a way which takes the mystery out of trading this platform. Her quiet patient and friendly manner and willingness to go the extra mile for me has been tremendously motivating. If you want to learn the basics of Foreign Exchange dealing and beyond, look no further!! This lady is your one stop shop for everything relating to this type of trading.

Isaac Marais, Brisbane, Australia

Date of Post: 2011-12-05
Review: Thanks to Hettie I have a life. My perpetual headaches and bleary eyes have gone. I’m not married to my indicators any more, I can breathe normally and don’t have to sit on the tip of my chair any more.I am a Maths teacher and I have thought that I know my stuff when I present a class. That was until I’ve met Hettie and her great way of Oneonone sessions. Previously I was looking at forex, groping at straws, not understanding wat is happening, BUT NOW, I can see due to her influence in my fx life.It is an honour to see how she can marry expert knowledge, simplicity and modesty at the same time. I can feel it in my pocket.Her Oneonone course is money very well spent and I can recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering trading forex.

Natalie, Auckland, NZ

Date of Post: 2011-09-11
Review: Hettie is an excellent tutor in forex trading. Extremely patient and helpful. Her 9-step trading system is excellent. I was a forex novice before I completed a course with Hettie and now have a good basic understanding to set myself up in the forex market. Would definitely recommend Oneononeforextraining.com.

hassan, London UK

Date of Post: 2011-07-16
Review: Hettie’s strategy is a wonderful trading method helps me to become a successful and profitable trader. If you want to trade forex and become successful this is the best course out there.

Stephen Hobbs, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2011-02-06
Review: After completed the One on One coaching. I am making successful trades. The techniques that are taught work as advertised. If you trade the 9 step system religiously you will get the same result as I do. You won’t be disappointed. Hettie is a wonderful teacher and she is very patient. I recommend the program to anyone. It is also one of the best value for money of any programme available on the market. In fact, in my opinion it is very cheap for the information that is being giving. With these techniques you can become financially free and be on the road to becoming a professional Day trader.Regards
Stephen Hobbs Jr.

Charl, Auckland

Date of Post: 2010-11-15
Review: Highly recommended. Hettie is patient and works at your pace explaining the finer detail over and over again. She helps you set up your platform, incoporating her well tested strategy into your daily routine and providing knoledge you will find nowhere else.

Anne-Marie Whitby, Auckland

Date of Post: 2010-10-13
Review: I must start by saying that my knowledge about trading was very limited before I started my training sessions with Hettie.
She was amazing at explaining everything, ensuring that I understood everything and moving at my pace. She has also been extremely helpful after the sessions finished -helping me set up the systems and master the basics. The trading system she has taught me/us, has been well researched and works well.
Using tools like skype and team viewer has also made it easy to solve any issues I might have had, remotely. I have also found the trade discussions very useful.
Thank you Hettie for always going out of your way to help.

Sue Sherwin, Auckland

Date of Post: 2010-09-10
Review: Hi, my name is Sue and I went thru the the 3 day course with Hettie Nel, and she was amazing. I had been 2 forex courss before but what Hettie taught me was 1000 more than they did. The one on one traing with Hettie is amazing, she works at your speed and nothing is 2 much 2 ask. Genuine beautiful Lady with heaps of knowledge, very humble L ady that I respected from the first time we skyped. If u want 2 learn about forx at a great price, Hettie is the person 2 speak 2. She has changed my life for the better. I wish there more Hetties’s in the world because it would be a better place 2 b. Thank you with all my heart and sole Hettie, you r one of a kind. Thankyou Sue

Stefan, Germany

Date of Post: 2010-08-07
Review: I became a student of Hettie in the beginning of June and I can say I’m more than satisfied with her course. This is the reason I write this review. The money is absolutely well spent. She is one of the few teachers who really trade and are making a living from it. Most out there who offer to teach you how to trade are in my experience pure sellers of mostly useless Systems who failed as a trader and now try to survive by misleading more or less unexperienced newbies with their trash. If you are really committed to trading and want to succeed my experience is that Hettie is the real deal. She is a great teacher as she explains her trading method and the reasons for her rules in such a patient and comprehensive manner that there is no chance to not understand it. The CDs and her ebook which accompany her Oneonone sessions are of high quality and are great tools to review all the stuff you learned during the sessions as often as you like. Her Trading Mind CDs are in my opinion outstanding for becoming focused and achieving the right attitude needed for successful trading! When you have a question, she always gives you a promptly and comprehensive response by Skype or Email.
I think Hettie is the right choice for absolutely newbies and more experienced ones which still lack success as a trader either, as she is able to adapt the content of the Oneonone sessions according to your level of knowledge and experience.Now, 2 months later after the first session with her I can honestly say her trading method really works! When you are disciplined and follow the rules of her trading method to the letter and patiently wait for the correct setups according to the rules you will be successful and make it as a trader.

Emmanuel, United Kingdom

Date of Post: 2010-05-12
Review: Prior to making contact with Hettie I knew very little about the Forex market. Through my determination to learn forex and by the grace of God I happened to come across such an amazing teacher. After her one on one course,i practiced her system on a demo account ,a few months later I started trading live and have had extremely good results, I have been making steady but constant profit and to date I have tripled my account. Hettie’s style of teaching is great! She is a very patient and a talented teacher. I can honestly confirm the systems taught by Hettie are systems that work well and are easy to understand. Hettie’s course is priceless and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to trade Forex. I cannot thank you enough Hettie,keep up the good work and God bless you and your entire family…

Ian , Auckland NZ

Date of Post: 2010-03-30
Review: What a wonderful teacher. I learned more in a few lessons with Hettie than with months of internet research.She put everything into place with teaching her method of trading.It was money well spent.

mahesh, Dubai

Date of Post: 2010-01-25
Review: Very genine mentor, interested in helping you to learn forex trading, patient, responds to Emails , Good system with defined rules to ensure you dont have to second guess. strongly recomend – for both beginers and experienced traders.

Ian, Wellington, New Zealand.

Date of Post: 2010-01-05
Review: After being trading for almost a year and breaking even my conclusion was forex trading is not worth the effort. My trading strategies were very complicated and most of the time contradicted the type of entry, not to mention the stress related using my system.
However, I thought to give it another try after doing a course. After shopping around I decided to use oneononeforextraining. What I have learned is a profitable systematic structured technique that can be implemented without years of knowledge and hundreds of indicators. Thus, both experienced and beginner traders will benefit from this course. My trading skills improved tremendously and continues to do so using the basis of this course. I also learned about the important psychology aspect of forex trading using the mind training system provided. Hettie presents the course in a practical and easy to use environment. The course definitely exceeded my expectations and I am confident now that I will profit from forex in the future. I am very grateful for oneononeforextraining and Hettie to provide me with this knowledge and a stepping stone to a successful future.

Shash, Auckland

Date of Post: 2010-01-03
Review: Hettie is a very good teacher. To be a successful trader, need a profitable system and the discipline to follow such a system and Hettie will provide you with a profitable system – all you need to do is provide the discipline to follow it.She is very helpful and easily accessible.

Eldon, Wellington, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2009-12-25
Review: Do you want to become a profitable forex trader? Then make contact with Hettie! The system she teaches you consistently makes money!
To be a successful trader you need a profitable system and the discipline to follow such a system. Hettie will provide you with a profitable system – all you need to do is provide the discipline to follow it.
With her personable teaching style she can take anyone (and I mean anyone) and turn them into a profitable trader. So make contact with Hettie – you won’t regret it!

Joe Finn, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2009-08-06
Review: I would like to say how very appreciative I am of Mrs Nel and the trading strategy she has spent years developing. Mrs Nel is a very patient and learned person in the Forex market, this is very apparent in the one on one course. The course is extremely through and not only teaches you the forex market and how to work it to your advantage, but shows you how to trade with discipline and knowledge to make good trades, every trade.
I started trading live after taking the one on one course and have had extremely good results on the market.
After exhaustive research on other courses (and plenty of scams), Mrs Nels came out on top, the obvious choice for anyone who wants to trade seriously and successfully. I highly recommend the course to anyone.

Homi & Burzin, Auckland

Date of Post: 2009-04-27
Review: Having recently learnt Forex trading from Hettie, we can confidently say that Hettie is the BEST tutor one can come across.Her course & systems are easy to follow.With a lot of patience & commitment,she ensures that you have understood what Forex trading is all about & that you are competent before you start trading.We would strongly recommend her to anyone looking at starting their career in Forex Trading.

Addy, Belgium

Date of Post: 2008-11-28
Review: Hettie Nel offers through her training in forex systems a fantastic opportunity to earn an extra income. She has received much recognition for her experience, mentor skills and tuition – in training a person to become a trader – from scratch. I have been very impressed by the integrity, commitment and passion with which Hettie Nel guided and lead her course instruction, clearly revealing years of professional experience in the industry and her fine tuned skills to offer the most reliable and unique training on the net. This is truly unlike any other offered forex trading! Her concept of PERSONAL COACHING and ‘one-on-one’ training, is a rarity and an offer of a life time! This site and training should be valued and appreciated, it is not realised enough!

Jim Nelson, Auckland

Date of Post: 2008-11-03
Review: Hettie is a great teacher and her introduction to forex trading is easy and thorough. After the lessons I have more confidence and success rate. Highly recommended.


Date of Post: 2008-09-16
Review: What a lady!!! The first thing Hettie taught me was how much I didn’t know.I am new to trading and by the time I commenced her course I was so confused about all the contradictions I had read with everyone claiming their system was the best system. I was almost at the stage of giving up and turning my back on FOREX for ever.However when I came across Hettie’s internet ad and listened to her voice something within me said this was a lady
I can trust so I booked in to attend her course.This proved to be the best decision I have ever made as her teachings have allowed me to confidently select correct entry and exit points and I know in the future I am going to make some serious money with her system but for the present until I gain more experience I am happy to be making heaps of baby pips which would not have been possible for me before I met this magnifcent lady.Hettie thank you so much, nothing is ever too much trouble or no question too hard with the backup you have given me, even months after the completion of my course.I must also mention your husband Leon,a true gentleman and himself a very experienced trader.Thank you Leon for the very helpful tips you have passed on to me.Thank you both so much. CLINTON WEBB

Ayodele, Ohio,USA

Date of Post: 2008-08-21
Review: Hettie is a terrific teacher,trustworthy with tremendous knowledge and experience.Her trading system is simple,easy to understand and her support even after the training is outstanding. Though, I have not been making huge money but I’m making steady profit with most of my trades.I will sincerely recommend Hettie for any prospective forex trader. Great Job Hettie !

Jay.J.Zhang, Auckland

Date of Post: 2008-08-17
Review: All I want to say is, thank you Hettie…Like the most of others, I knew
absolutely nothing about “Forex Trading” before I start with Hettie, and now, I really really enjoy it…
Highly recommend instructor!!! Thanks again, Hettie!

Henriette, Auckland

Date of Post: 2008-08-16
Review: I have completed Hettie’s One-on-one Forex course, with no knowledge before hand of Forex. Just her positive manner made me feel like a winner before I even started. I found the course to the point and well structured, it’s easy to understand and to apply to the market.. This is excellent value for money, especially the support she provides afterward, 24/7. I highly recommend this course.Thank you Hettie for all your support and patients

Prakash, Auckland

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post: 2008-07-24
Review: I have no idea about forex trade and found Hettie as my tutor.She taught me the knowledge about forex trade and find the right time to trade. I will highly recomment her who really want to learn forex trade seriously.Thank you

Shanda Wallis, Auckland New Zealand

Date of Post: 2008-07-07
Review: I am also very new to the Forex trading world so was very happy to have Hettie as my intructor. Her material was well presented and easily understood. Hettie’s course syllabus gives you just enough information each session as to not overload the brain but allows practicle steps to start learning and using the systems right away.I see common threads in all of Hettie’s reviews; honesty,passion and superb knowledge, all of which I agree. She also makes herself available for any follow up questions or help you may need. I highly recommend Hettie as a Forex trainer.

George & Antoinette, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2008-06-29
Review: Wow! What an experience! A new world opened up to us and it was definately money very well spend. Knowing nothing about trading, Hettie presented Forex Trading to us professionally, yet understandable. She is always there when you need help and we can highly recommend her education in trading. We can’t thank her enougth.

Jay, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2008-06-20
Review: “The pace, content and execution of this course by Hettie is superb and I can highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn about Forex to enrol. I was completely new to the subject and was guided by someone who is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject and very professional in her approach. What shines through most is her passion and commitment to passing on this knowledge and once you have done this course you cannot help but feel inspired. The ongoing support has been excellent. Thank You.”

Jacobus Gideon Louw, Auckland

Date of Post: 2008-06-19
Review: Absolutely brilliant, this systems has turned a new page in my life! Great teaching, well structured and great support well after the course. Money well spend!! I am very pleased!!!

Samit, Auckland

Date of Post: 2008-04-22
Review: Hettie is one of the Best Coach I’ve ever got for my Forex Training. I had absolutely no knowledge about Forex but she slowly and steadly helped me build my knowledge and skills for forex trading. I would highly recommend her to other aspiring people who want to learn forex. Thank you.

Diane, Auckland

Date of Post: 2007-11-21
Review: I knew absolutely nothing about forex and was basically a blank page when i started with Hettie. I honestly can not commend both her teaching and the course itself, enough. She is extremely professional, easy to understand and the system she teaches leaves one feeling secure, and empowered. The ongoing support upon completion of this course is priceless. Thank you so much Hettie for everything!!

Farren Lyte-Mason, Auckland

Date of Post: 2007-11-20
Review: I was extremely new to forex trading and decided to take the opportunity for Hettie train me. I found that the course was easily understood and worthwile as Hettie is a gifted teacher with expert experience in the forex market.Hettie is readily available when support and guidance is required making this course perfect for those who prefer individual attention, like I do.Hettie, I love your work!

Catharina, Auckland

Date of Post: 2007-11-19
Review: I have completed Hettie’s One-on-one Forex course, I found the course to the point and well structured. Hettie is a very passionate and professional tutor. This is excellent value for money, especially the support she provides afterward, 24/7. Her system has a high success rate and is easy to understand and to apply to the market. I highly recommend this course.Thank you Hettie for a great experience!

Gary, Australia

Date of Post: 2007-11-13
Review: I did the course with Hettie and found her trust worthy and helpful. She is on the ball with her education program and it helped me a lot, understanding the market. The system she is teaching has the advantage that one can walk away from the desk and do the things you really wants to do. I can recommend her training program for experienced as well as novice traders. Keep on the good work Hettie.

Jared , Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post: 2007-11-13
Review: I been trained on Forex Training with Hettie Nel as my tutor and I am very convinced she is well informed and no doubts she is not only an excellent teacher but also a professional Forex trader with in depth knowledge of the Forex market. The system she is using and the online support I have received is of so much value I recommend anyone who is thinking about being a trader to enrol on her course.

Katherine and Evan, New Zeeland

Date of Post: 2007-10-25
Review: We appreciated the clarity and thoroughness of Hettie’s training session, so much so that we have been recommending it to friends. Our impression is that Hetties’ is a careful system that waits for price momentum to be well established before entry.We hope to keep Hettie posted on our results

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