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New to Trading Forex?

Start with this quick and easy to understand free Forex trading videos about online currency Forex trading. It’ll quickly cover the basics:

Below you will find a library of FREE Forex Trading video tutorials on: LEARN FOREX FROM SCRATCH.

In this free Forex trading course, you won’t find any fluff, the only thing you going to find is a real and usable Free Forex trading information for Forex for beginners that is clearly explained so you and just about anybody can use to make real money online.

For Free Forex Trading video’s please view the LEARN FOREX FROM SCRATCH videos in the order they are presented. Click the link below to view Part 1 of the Forex for beginners course.

1st Free Forex for Beginners Training Video:Easy forex for beginners - video training

Learn Forex Trading from Scratch with the Free Forex Trading video’s

All the Forex courses on this website is designed specifically with the beginner Forex trader in mind. The FOREX FROM SCRATCH videos are a good introduction to the very reliable 9-Step Forex day trading system and the Forex scalping system, both these two Forex trading strategies are part of the Platinum Class Course and the FX Mastery course.

Please view the three FOREX FROM SCRATCH videos in the order they are presented.

Click the link below to view Part 2 of the Forex for beginners course.

2nd Free Forex for Beginners Training Video:Free forex trading - easy forex for beginners - video training

FOREX FROM SCRATCH is a comprehensive step by step Forex for beginners course.

Once you have mastered two or three Forex trading strategies you can trust and makes sense to you,  you’ll be able to piece everything together and start enjoying trading. The moment you trust your Forex trading strategies and you become a calm and confident trader, your whole attitude towards the market changes. One-on-One Forex Training’s practical hands-on Forex  courses are easy to master.

Below is a testimonial from Paul from New Zealand:

Simon and I are an awesome team, and its great to have Hettie watching over us… Seriously, as much as I know about trading, and having been mentored by people such as Chris Tate, Greg White, Steve Nison, John Person what you’ve been able to do is bring all that into a profitable action. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please view the three FOREX FROM SCRATCH videos in the order they are presented.

Click the link below to view Part 3 of the Forex for beginners course.

3rd Free Forex for Beginners Training Video:


free online currency training course - easy forex for beginners

Rules for becoming a Successful Forex Trader.

  • Trade with  reliable Forex trading strategies.
  • Never over trade your Forex trading account
  • Do not add to a losing position
  • Restrain your emotions
  • Never give up

Take a look at the three Forex courses on offer, all suitable for the beginner Forex trader.

Part of these courses are a Forex scalping system, a Swing trading and Longterm systems as well as the very reliable 9-Step Forex day trading system.Forex course for a Beginner Forex Trader


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Free Forex For Beginner video’s

Below are 9 Mini  Forex Courses to guide you how to use the MT4 trading platform.

There are many Forex courses available on the internet and most of them use the very popular Meta Trader 4 trading platform.

MT4 is widely regarded as the world’s most favorite forex trading platform because it offers an easy to use user interface and various indicators and charts.

Learn to online currency Forex trading using MetaTrader 4 by Watching these Educational Videos below.

Short Video Tutorials on HOW TO Forex trading with Meta Trader 4.

How to Open a Forex Trading Account:

Your existing Forex trading platform has expired – Learn how to re-new your existing trading platform.


How to open a new MT4 demo account

Video Text – How to Open n New Demo Account in MT4

Good day and welcome to a  series of short  tutorials on how to operate  the mt4 trading platform.  Meta Trader 4 is a widely used trading platform, it offers the user a multitude of tools to make trading easier.

Throughout these mini Forex courses, I will go over exactly how to use MT4 platform so that you can trade more effectively.

So let’s get started, you have opened a demo platform with a Meta Trader 4 broker which normally gives you a free demo for 30 days after that you have to request a new demo, right. Well there is an easy way how you can open a new demo and not lose any of your indicators,

On your trading platform go to File at the top left click on file and move your cursor down  and click on Open an Account, Click next on the tab at the bottom, In this new window select the New demo account button and then click next.

Fill out all the required fields, you can change the leverage to 1:200 and you can also change the deposit amount,

After you have filled out all the required fields  click the  I agree to subscribe to newsletters box.  Then click next.

Write down your login number and your password, then click finish, and there you are a brand new  demo account.

At the bottom right-hand corner of your new demo account you should see an icon with green over red bars, that means your new demo account is now active and ready to trade.

How to Add and Delete Charts on MT4

In this short Mini Forex trading tutorials you will see just how easy it is to add and delete charts from your Forex trading platform as well as a whole bunch of other handy HOW TO videos.

Forex for Beginners – Free Forex Trading Video:

Draw and delete lines MT4

How to Customize your MT4 Charts 

Every Forex trader have their specific way how they view their Forex charts and  apply their indicators to the charts to be able to follow the rules and obey the signals provide by the Forex trading strategies they are using.

The Forex training video below will take you through the steps of how you can customise your Forex trading platform to look exactly the way you want to be.

Forex for Beginners – Free Forex Trading Video:

How to customize your MT4 charts

How to Change Currency Pairs and Time Frames on MT4

Forex for Beginners another Free Forex Trading Video:

How to change currency pairs in MT4

How to Draw and Delete Trendlines and Horizontal Lines on MT4

The Meta Trader 4, free Forex trading video series is made up of 9 mini videos for your convenience.  They don’t need to be viewed in the order they are presented.

Forex for Beginners – Short Free Forex Trading Video:

How to Draw and Delete Trend Lines on MT4

How to Remove Indicators from your MT4 Trading Platform

Forex for Beginners another short Free Forex Trading Video:

How to Remove Indicators from MT4

How to Place an Order on MT4 Trading Platform

Forex for Beginners – Free Forex Trading Video:

Placing an Order in MT4

How to operate MT4 Trading Terminal

Forex for Beginners – Free Forex trading Video:

How to Operate MT4 Trading Terminal

How to Add Expert Advisors also called Forex Robots to a MT4 Chart

With One on One Forex training’s easy videos you will learn how to add Expert Advisors/Forex robots to your charts.

Forex for Beginners – Free Forex Trading Video:

How to Add Expert Advisor to a MT4 chart

If you are interested in any of the One on One Forex training courses click on the link below to find a Forex trading course that would suit you best.

Forex course for a Beginner Forex Trader


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