Forex Trading Strategies

All online Forex for  beginners courses contains easy and reliable Forex Trading Strategies.



As part of this online trading course, you will learn easy Forex trading strategies, which follows step by step rules and guide you to enter safe and profitable trades. You will be provided with a FX trading checklist to help you stay disciplined and patient and not enter impulsive trades. The Gold Class online Forex trading course consists of 6 hours one-on-one online Forex training, spread over three days. The duration of each online Forex training session is 2 hours, plus 1-month FREE online Forex trading support after completion of the course. With One on One Forex Training, you will learn in a hands-on environment what it takes to become a successful Forex trader.

We will be there to assist you every step of the way.

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Included in the online trading course are:

  • Six hours of personal one-on-one online Forex training (Using Skype and Screen sharing software.)
  • Forex training materials packed with colourful, images and screenshots.
  • Road to Success Forex e-book manual.
  • Forex risk and money management rules.
  • Workbooks with “Test your Forex Knowledge” exercises.
  • Forex trading psychology.





This online trading course consists of 4 Forex training sessions, the duration of each session is 2 hours, a total of 8 hours of one-on-one online Forex training. During the two months FREE  Forex training support, there will be regular short Forex workshop sessions during which we will analyse your trades and establish good Forex trading habits. 

The course consists of two easy to learn Forex trading strategies.

An important ingredient to Forex trading success is to focus on improving your mental alertness.Trading with the right mindset gives your Forex trading an extra edge and increases your winning percentage. Most professional traders do some kind of mental preparation before they start their Forex trading and you should too. Included in the Platinum class Forex for Beginners course materials is a mind-training CD that will greatly assist you in your Forex trading.




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Included in the online trading course are:

  • Eight hours of personal one-on-one online Forex training (Using Skype and Screen sharing).
  • Forex training materials packed with colourful, easy Forex trading tutorials, images, screenshots and easy to learn Forex trading strategies.
  • Workbooks with “Test your Forex Knowledge” exercises.
  • Road to Success Forex e-book manual.
  • Forex risk and money management.
  • Learn how to trade Forex online using a very reliable Forex day trading strategy.
  • As part of the online Forex for Beginners course, you will also receive one-on-one Forex training on how to trade the very dynamic Forex scalping strategy.
  • “Train your mind to become a better trader” – is a Forex mind training CD’s that will help you overcome the lack of discipline, patience, etc.
  • and much more…


Complete forex training course for beginner traders


There are far more Forex transactions happening every second then 10 or 20 years ago. Forex trading set-ups happen faster and more frequently.

You no longer require a finance degree or hot tip connections from the right people to be able to take part in trading Forex.  Online Forex trading is now available to us all whenever the markets are open.

The one-on-one online Forex for Beginners, Mastery Course  includes everything a complete Forex beginner trader needs to know and understand to go from zero to hero in as short a time as possible but to be able to do so you have to have the right tools and the right knowledge. Online Forex trading is not rocket science.

With FX Mastery course you will learn to trade easy, simple and effective forex trading strategies.

All these Forex courses are indicator based, with some of the models dating back to 2002.

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Included in this online trading course are:


  • 14 hours of personal one-on-one online Forex training (Using Skype and Screen sharing software.)
  • Forex for beginners training materials packed with colourful, images and screenshots, Forex e-book manuals, easy Forex trading tutorials with examples,  Forex video training tutorials, Self test exercises, easy Forex trading strategies and much more…
  • Forex Introduction and Forex Basics – are part of this Forex for beginners course.  You will discover the key information to make your trading life easier.
  • You will learn to set up your Meta Trader 4 Forex trading platform on your smartphone so you can trade Forex on the go.
  • Learn how to operate the Meta Trader 4 Forex trading platform.
  • Forex trading with technical indicators on multiple time frames is an integral part of this Forex for Beginners course.
  • You will learn how to trade, read and analyse currency trading charts using advanced technical tools.
  • Forex Technical Analysis  – Candlestick formations;  Chart patterns; Basic Forex indicators; Pivots; Fibonacci.
  • Forex trend line analysis and Support and Resistance levels.
  • Forex fundamental analysis and Forex technical analysis goes hand in hand and will be cover in the first few sessions.
  • You will gain an understanding of Forex Risk and Money Management – Master sound Forex money management techniques for online Forex Trading.
  • Forex Trading psychology – Train your mind to become a disciplined and patient trader. Learn to control your emotions.
  • Apart from learning safe and sound Forex trading strategies you will also learn how to design a Forex trading plan – one of the most important building blocks in online Forex trading.
  • Trade Right for your Type Forex e-book – Discover your trading personality and determine which trading style will best suit your Forex trading personality.
  • 3 x Forex workbooks with “Test your Knowledge” exercises.
  • Three Simple and Easy Forex trading strategies:
    • Learn how to trade with the very reliable 9 Step Forex Day trading strategies.
    • As part of the course, you will also get one-on-one Forex training on how to trade the dynamic Forex scalping strategy.
    • You will also learn to trade on the longer time frames using a the long term Forex strategy.
  • Also included in this comprehensive online Forex trading course are many foreign currency trading tutorials and Forex trading examples.

To be profitable with online Forex trading, you will require the right Forex knowledge to pick up on trends and changes within the Forex market. This knowledge comes from studying charts as well as obeying the rules of  sound Forex trading strategies.  FX Mastery course provides several easy Forex strategies;  long term Forex strategy, Forex day trading strategy, as well as a Forex scalping strategy. Part of this course is the very handy FOREX TREND WIZARD advisor, this nifty gadget will assist you in planning and executing trades.


Let me explain what you can expect of the FOREX TREND WIZARD

You never have to miss a trade again.

Simply draw a trend line, enter either BUY or SELL and let the Forex Trend Wizard do the rest.

If you have difficulty determine the direction of the Market, let the Forex Trend Wizard be your guide.

In order to get important confirmation about the higher time frame you would normally need to switch between time frames manually, with Forex Trend Wizard the trend direction indicator is on the time frame you are trading, it’s easy to read and gives the trend direction instantly.

With this Forex custom advisor you will know at a glance when the trend is your friend.

Forex Trend Wizard is a visual semi-automated Forex trading tool, developed for the Meta-Trader 4 platform (MT4)

What you’re about to experience is to easily trade the market in the direction of the trend even when you can’t be in front of your computer. 

Forex Trend Wizard will almost trade for you… but It won’t ever make the final decision to enter a trade, that’s a decision only you should ever make. 
If you have little time to watch the Forex markets, or many times miss out on good trading opportunities just because you weren’t at your computer,  with the help of Forex Trend Wizard you don’t have to miss a trade again. Let Trend Wizard determine the trend, you simply draw the trend-line, enter your BUY or SELL order and let Forex TREND WIZARD do the rest.

Online Forex trading can work for almost anyone;

if you obey your trading rules and follow the simple, easy Forex trading steps explained in an easy and logical way, it will ensure your success in becoming a successful Forex trader.

What any successful Forex trader needs are reliable Forex trading strategies that could predict what the market is about to do, Forex trading strategies that would help find you perfect set-ups.

The Forex trading strategies you will find in the FX Mastery course are neither complicated, nor hard to learn or difficult to trade, I really think anyone can learn online Forex trading  it in just a few short hours.  Once you have mastered it, you will realise just how simple and easy Forex trading really is.

It does not matter if you only have a few hours a week to spend in front of your computer trading Forex or if you have all the time in the world to trade, the FX Mastery course will have a Forex strategy that would fit in with the time you have available for Forex trading.

Apart from all the very important stuff any trader needs to know before they start trading on the Forex market, The FX Mastery also consist of 4 Easy Forex trading strategies,

  • Forex Day trading strategy
  • Forex Scalping strategy
  • Forex Swing trading strategy
  • Long-term Forex trading strategy

Together we will determine your trading style and Forex trading personality and guide you in the right direction.

Two personal traits that will greatly influence your online trading, are discipline and patience. If you have the discipline and patience to follow your online Forex trading strategies every time you enter a trade, you will conquer Forex.

  • The best part about being a Forex trader is the freedom and time to enjoy your life. You can work from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.
  • Another advantage of online trading is you can work when and for how long you want to.

Some days you will be really into it and profitable trades are coming fast and fierce, when that is happening it’s really fun. Then there will be days when you will sit down to trade for maybe an hour, make your money for the day and go and have fun.

You will learn literally EVERYTHING you need to know to start trading on the Forex market with this Forex for beginners course.

So, your current knowledge of the financial markets doesn’t matter, your background doesn’t matter and your experience of the Forex market doesn’t matter. almost ANYONE can do this!

Forex For Beginners

We will work together, one on one, until you feel comfortable to start trading Forex on your own.

The easy Forex strategies you will learn are very visual in nature. At a glance, you can get confirmation that a good set-up is forming. It is important to be able to just glance at a chart  to gather valuable information. These easy Forex strategies make it very easy to accomplish this goal.

All the Forex indicators you will be using to predict the direction of the Forex market and guide you when and where to enter the market are used in conjunction with one another to provide exact points where to set your stop loss and when and where to take your profits, by obeying the rules of your Forex trading strategies you give your Forex trading an extra edge which will greatly assist you in becoming a successful Forex trader.

Online Forex trading, in my opinion, is the most practical and permanent way in becoming financially independent, and the reason is currencies will always be traded so there will always be lots of money to be made. Someone in one country is always going to need to convert their currency into another currency for whatever reason.

Foreign currency trading can make you money no matter what is happening in the economy of a country. You can make money when the market goes up or down. All you have to do is predict the direction of the market correctly.

But here’s the truth, no one has probably ever told you, the best Forex strategy in the world is only as good as your willingness to follow the rules of your Forex trading strategies.  If you don’t follow your Forex trading rules you are not really using your Forex trading strategies which can have a severe impact on your Forex trading results.   Sure, there are some other things you must do like being in control of your emotions when you trade so that fear or greed don’t cloud your judgement, but following your Forex trading strategies and obey your Forex trading rules are the golden key to successful currency trading.

Two of the cornerstones of  trading online Forex successfully are to believe in your trading judgements and have faith in the Forex trading  strategies you are using.
FX Mastery is a very comprehensive  one on one online Forex for beginners course and covers everything you need to know to trade the Forex Market and teaches you how to follow and obey the rules of your Forex trading strategies.

Fourteen hours of  one-on-one online Forex training are dedicated to honing your skills in becoming a knowledgeable and successful Forex trader.

The entire one on one online Forex trading course is ideal for the Forex beginner traders or someone just wanting an in-depth refresher course.

The first few sessions will cover Forex basics that someone who has never traded a day in their life needs to know to get started. As with anything you try to accomplish, a solid understanding of Forex basics are always the best place to start and is essential to your success as a beginner Forex trader.


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